Breathing, when done slowly and quietly and deliberately, sets a steady rhythmic tone in your body. Repetition is the key to calming your mind. These articles touch on key concepts of using the breath to connect the mind and body.

One Mind & One Breath

Deep breathing is like a rescue worker who comes to you and helps you relax in panic. When you panic, your body is stuck here in reality but the mind runs away. Breathing brings your consciousness back to your body. Read more:

One Mind & One Breath

Watch – Breathe – Understand

Mindful breathing, mindful watching, mindful understanding promote connection between mind and body.

Watch – Breathe – Understand

Interpreting the Chinese Characters for Mind and Breath

Explore the traditional connection between mind and breath in this analysis of the Chinese characters for Mind, Heart and Breath.

Interpreting the Chinese Characters for Mind and Breath

Power Breathing Series: Part 1 Basics

Power breathing is a controlled method of inhalation, breath-holding and exhalation by conscious regulation of the abdominal and diaphragmatic muscles.

Part 1 Basics

Power Breathing Series: Part 2 Gentle Breathing

Gentle breathing is the foundation for all Power Breathing methods. It consists of 3 steps: inhalation, condensing, and exhalation.

Part 2 Gentle Breathing

Power Breathing Series: Part 3 Staccato Breathing

Staccato means short, abrupt, and disconnected. Therefore Staccato Breathing consists of a long inhalation and short forceful consecutive exhalations.

Part 3 Staccato Breathing

Power Breathing Series: Part 4 Explosive Breathing

Explosive Breathing is a process of condensing the inhaled air downward to the lower abdomen.  The goal of Explosive Breathing is to create concentrated force for inner tension and relaxation.

Part 4 Explosive Breathing

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