One Mind & One Breath

Breath In Motion


Without the mind being present, breathing is simply a mechanical movement of the body. What makes our breathing meaningful is the mind that is injected into our physical being through each breath.

A breath is life force. It fills the body with fresh energy and connects the body with the mind. Together, they are: joyful, connected, balanced, focused, confident, functioning, caring, healthy.


When the mind is ahead or behind the breath, it splits from the breath, leaving the body alone.

The mind and the body are one originally in childhood.

As we grow into adulthood, they begin to separate. We compare ourselves to others who appear to be better than us. As a result, the mind and the body begin to have disputes. In an effort to reunite them, we take actions, seeking to meet internal and external expectations.

In the process, one becomes dominant over the other in our lives leading us to imbalance. The mind drifts; the body is left alone, overworked and lost. Under continued stress or lack of stimulation, the mind has a tendency to escape from reality. Along the way, the mind gets antsy: drifts back to the past regurgitating what’s passed and rushes forward to see what’s coming next. Uncertain and insecure.


Deep breathing is like a rescue worker who comes to you and helps you relax in panic. When you panic, your body is stuck here in reality but the mind runs away. Breathing brings your consciousness back to your body.

Each breath is a mediator between the body and the mind, drawing them closer together. By having the breath arrest the mind, the mind stays with the body. Dancing in the breath, the body grasps the mind and the mind mingles with the body.

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