Watch – Breathe – Understand

Circle by Sang-Blog2Meditation ends where it began. The circle is complete when you watch your thoughts, breathe steadily, and understand your whole story.


Mindful Watching

Keep watching and monitoring your thoughts but stay emotionally away from them. Being detached is a key. How? Make a boundary. A circle. Let the thoughts stay in the circle but you should stay out of it. If you step into the circle, you may like or dislike or fear your thoughts, spurring an emotional response. So, keep watching your thoughts from a distance without engaging.

A thought is just a thought, nothing particular.


Mindful Breathing

Breath makes you aware of your body’s rhythm and energy. Repetition is the key to calming your mind. Breathing, when done slowly and quietly and deliberately, sets a steady rhythmic tone in your body.

As the dusts settle, clarity rises.


Mindful Understanding

Understanding enlightens us. Understanding comes when we know the whole story. Fractured thoughts, misunderstanding, bias can cause us mental suffering. By putting things together, seeing both sides of our thoughts, observing with impartial eyes, our insights grow.

Establishing a good physical sitting posture and mental commitment is the key. Sitting with your legs crossed (or in a chair) and the spine erect and the shoulders relaxed is like having a sturdy vehicle. Observing your thoughts non-judgmentally and accepting as they are reduces your mental burden and provides you a window through which you get a fresh look at you.

Please share your thoughts.

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