3 Strategies to Improve Focus: PART 2

Mindfulness Strategies to Improve Focus

1. Develop Attention Anchors.


Having a tangible way to bring your mind back to the present can help you stay on task. Taking a few deep breaths, clapping your hands or spending a minute pacing can all serve as ways to re-anchor yourself in the present.

Rather than trying to stop your attention from drifting, give yourself permission to wander off any time, enjoy a short diversion, and then use your anchor to bring yourself back to the present before the distraction derails you from your task.

2. Be Aware of Your Needs.


Stepping back and reframing a problem can help us get a fresh look at difficult issues.

Often those with ADHD need to change the way they are approaching a challenging task. For example, if you have difficulty in understanding verbal instructions, ask for or use visual or written directions.

If you find it hard to get back on task when interrupted, hang a do not disturb sign on your desk, cubicle or door.

Identify your best working style and invite those around you to support it.

3. Pause Before You Act.

A short time delay between the occurrence of an idea and acting on that thought can reduce impulsivity and hyperactivity by creating a mental buffer zone.

People with ADHD tend to generate many ideas and have difficulty following through. They end up with many half-finished projects, bouncing from one idea to the next.


By taking a short timeout, you will find that you become more discriminating about acting on your ideas, which makes you more likely to complete the things you do start.

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To be continued in Part 3

About Sang H. Kim

Sang H. Kim, PhD is a lifetime martial artist and author of books on mindfulness, motivation, fitness and martial arts. His most recent book is Mindful Movement, and other books are also available at Amazon website. He blogs at MBX12.org.


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