One Mind One Breath is about Mindfulness in Motion. Sang H. Kim, author and lifetime martial artist, shares his thoughts and research on mindfulness in all aspects of life with an emphasis on mindful movement, breathing, stress resilience, motivation, mind-body connection, ki flow, and internal energy.

About Sang H. Kim

motivation cover.inddSang H. Kim is the author of 25 books on motivation, martial arts, health and fitness. Born as the 4th son of a farmer/electrician in South Korea, he used to spend hours everyday in the rice field practicing martial arts or helping his parents after school. Listening to the Voice of America radio during his farming work, he taught himself English and began to dream of coming to America someday. At 27, he was the top contender among martial art masters in South Korea which lead him to come to US. He has extensively traveled throughout Europe, Asia, and North America for the past 30 years, teaching and lecturing on martial arts, mind-body practice, and motivation. His recent research on the effect of Mindful Movement and Deep Breathing on stress was featured in Huffington Post, CBS News, Fox News, Science World Report, and Irish Sun. He holds a BS in English Literature, an MS in Exercise & Sports Sciences, and a PhD in Exercise Science. He is also a certified Clinical and Translational Science researcher.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I found your blog to be amazing and it really hits to the core of every day problems such as stress, procrastination, fatigue and so much more. I enjoyed your blog immensely.

  2. How do I locate your blog Dr. Kim/ I am interested in your thoughts about procrastination. I am a grateful recipient of your generous gift to Falmouth, MA.

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