How To Spark Your Productivity

Motivation x400When the “fire” in you vanishes, your productivity goes with it. I find motivating myself is hard when I feel the fire dimming in me. This seems to be a common happening for many professionals who have been highly productive for a long period.

To get back your productivity, there are things you need to let go of. To set your productive spirit free again, there are things you need to bring to your attention. You need to eliminate the hurdles that tire you out and focus on being aware of the fuel you haven’t burnt yet.

This 4-Part series looks at how to overcome common barriers and reignite your inner fire.

PART 1: Lighting The Fire

If your are feeling burnt out, finding the motivation to get back on track can be challenging. The first step is to recognize and adjust your work habits. Instead of working harder, slow down and adjust your phase. Here are 8 sparks to help you reignite the fire in you.

Lighting The Fire

PART 2: Waste Less Time by Being Selective

A huge part of our life everyday is spent doing things other than what we should be doing. We get caught by distractions and end up procrastinating. Our joy and productivity suffer. Here are 14 tips to help you waste less time and be more selective to mindfully direct your attention away from mindlessly distracting elements.

Waste Less Time by Being Selective

PART 3: How To Beat Procrastination

Procrastination is a hard-to-beat mental block. The more we procrastinate, the more likely we are to develop an unconscious habit of not doing what we should be doing, often at all costs. Time becomes an enemy. Here are 12 strategies that I’ve learned to beat procrastination, create urgency before the last minute arrives, and make time your ally not an enemy.

How to Beat Procrastination

PART 4: The Brain Science of Motivation

Motivation is the mental state that arouses you to take action toward your goal. It gives you a sense of purpose and directs your behavior. This PART 4 takes a look at the major brain chemicals and brain regions that are involved in motivating our action.

Brain Science of Motivation

These articles are adapted from the book, 1001 Ways to Motivate Yourself & Others.

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