Research Summary

MBX-12 invigorating lifestyle medicine

Mindfulness-based Stretching and Deep Breathing (MBX) was the core exercise protocol for the randomized controlled clinical trial we conducted to investigate the effects of practicing mindful movements on reducing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms.

The following notes are the summary of the study which I presented for Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine, a Psychology Extension course at Harvard University. This is based on my personal notes while preparing for the research and the published research findings.

Part 1: On Movement-based Mindfulness Practice

Part 2: The Study Aims and Hypothesis

Part 3: The Mind-body Intervention & Significance of the Study

Part 4: Innovation and Literature Reviews

Part 5: 21 Grant Writing Action Ideas

Part 6: Research Procedure and Outcome Measures

Part 7: Effects of Mindful Movement on Neuroendocrine Regulation

Part 8: Conclusion

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