Exercise for Holiday Season

December. It’s the time for traveling, meetings, lots of eating, reflections, and some rest. Here is an exercise you can do to shake off the feelings of fatigue and boost your energy levels.

It also helps you digest food in a gentle way and have some time for mind-body talk and reflections.

This exercise is called Finger Wheel. It’s the 4th movement of the MBX12 mindful movement sequences (MBX-4).

MBX-4: Finger Wheel

Duration: 15-20 seconds (Inhalation for 6 seconds, Pause for 3 seconds, Exhalation for 6-11 seconds)

Total Repetition: 5-10 times

How to Practice:


  1. To start, stand naturally with your feet shoulder width open and hands resting next to the thighs.
  2. Lean torso slightly forward and bend the knees. Feel the increasing pressure under the balls of the feet. Bring your hands in front of the lower belly. Put your fingertips together against each other. Keep your fingers wide open. Exhale.
  3. Inhaling, raise your heels and bring your hands to the front of the chest. At this time, your body is standing on the toes and the balls of your feet.
  4. Inhaling further, slowly raise your hands above your head. Feel the firm forces under your toes, balancing. Pause here for a few seconds. It’s the connection moment.  Press the fingertips a little harder and feel the tension between the fingertips and toes.
  5. Exhale forcefully and roll your hands forward as if throwing a ball over the fence in a circular motion. Then slowly lower your heels and let the hands fall like a feather. Do this slowly.
  6. When your hands arrive at the lower belly, gently press the fingertips and force the remaining air out of the belly.
  7. Inhaling, softly land your heels on the ground and return to natural stance.

Reflection: During pauses hold your posture and breath for 5-10 seconds and be still. Feel the silent talk between the body and your mind. Repeat #1-7 five times.

Challenging Variation:

Duration: 20-30 seconds (Inhalation for 6-10 seconds, Pause for 6-10 seconds, Exhalation for 8-10 seconds)

Total Repetition: 3-5 times

How to Practice: 


  1. Stand naturally.
  2. Inhaling, bend your knees slowly, shift your weight to the toes and balls of your feet. Inhaling further, raise your arms forward and press the fingertips against each other. Hold your posture and breath for 6-10 seconds.
  3. Exhaling, slowly lower your hands and heels, and return to natural stance.

Reflection: Adjust the height of your hands until you feel the tension in the middle of the lower belly. Once you feel it, focus your attention on the three places: the bottom of the toes, the tips of the fingers, and the center of the lower belly. This sense of connection helps you build your inner strength and balance.

For more information, see the standard version of instruction and MBX12 video.

Happy Holidays!

Sang H. Kim



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