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In tranquility, the body and mind are quiet and settled. Positive feelings prevail over negative feelings, and a sense of connection with the deeper self, and the force of nature rises. In Tranquility Through Movement, Sang H. Kim presents a sequence of 12 mindful movements to promote and sustain a tranquil inner state in the face of stress and uncertainty.

The goal of each movement is to deliberately collect unhealthy tension that is held in the body and disperse it to help your body become tension neutral. These gentle movements can be modified for beginners or done as recommended for a more advanced challenge to balance and coordination. An excellent daily home practice routine that can be done anywhere you can stand and stretch your arms.

Tranquility Through Movement is available from Kindle


Mindful Movement: Mastering Your Hidden Energy

pbrMindful Movement: Mastering Your Hidden Energy is a guide to invigorating your internal Ki energy flow through a unique sequence of 12 movements (MBX-12) targeting the 12 meridian energy channels. MBX-12 brings together mindful movement and deep breathing to create an active form of moving meditation. As you learn the exercises that make up the MBX-12 routine, you’ll develop an understanding of the mindfulness practice principles of attention, centering and release. Sang H. Kim introduces the movements of MBX with step-by-step practice guidance, focal points, self-assessment criteria, wellness applications and detailed explanations of how mindful movement influences your inner energy flow. You’ll also learn 13 MBX Mudras, symbolic hand movements that activate the 6 meridians in the hand and affect energy flow across the body.

Throughout the book, short readings introduce you to the four pillars of energy transformation: mindfulness, movement, breath, and meridians. For experienced mind-body practitioners, MBX-12 is an excellent supplement to other mindful movement practice such as Yoga, Taichi, and Qigong. MBX-12 integrates your moving body with your breath, redirects energy flow along the 12 meridians, and unites the mind with all in the present.

Mindful Movement: Mastering Your Hidden Energy is available from Kindle | Paperback


Power Breathing

pbrMartial arts expert and Power Breathing for Life creator Sang H. Kim teaches you breathing exercises that you can do anywhere, in as little as sixty seconds, to increase your fitness level, tap into your internal energy and increase your inner power. New to breathing exercises? Start with Gentle Breathing, a simple way to reconnect with your body and begin your journey toward renewed energy. When you’re ready, the core Power Breathing exercises of Steady, Staccato and Explosive breathing combine to create a total body energizing workout that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Finally, give attention to problem areas with Healing Breathing – ten exercises to release tension and promote flexibility through controlled breathing.

Power Breathing is available from Kindle | Paperback


Ultimate Flexibility

UFUltimate Flexibility is the book you’ve been waiting for. More than a collection of exercises or an explanation of technique, Ultimate Flexibility is a complete guide to stretching for martial arts, from the very basics of why you should stretch to detailed workout guidelines for every style and level of martial arts practice.

Written by acclaimed author and martial artist Sang H. Kim, Ultimate Flexibility is your guide to achieving maximum flexibility in your training. Begin with an in depth look at the hows and whys of flexibility and stretching. Learn about the many types of stretching, which methods are best for beginners, when to graduate to advanced techniques and why you should completely avoid certain types of exercises.

You’ll also find information that you wont find in any other martial art book, including a detailed exploration of how your body works for or against you in your training and how flexibility can make you stronger and faster.

Ultimate Flexibility is available from Kindle | Paperback | Hardcover


Martial Arts After 40

MA40Martial Arts After 40 is the first book ever to explore the needs and advantages of the over-forty martial artist. It takes an in-depth look at the realities of training in mid-life including:  • What type of exercises are beneficial and which ones are dangerous?  • What are the effects of aging and what impact do they have on training?  • How can baby boomers keep up in a class of Gen-Xers?  • What types of injuries are common after forty and how can you prevent them?

In addition to providing a wealth of fitness and training information, author Sang H. Kim addresses the fact that many older martial artists are looking for something more meaningful than just a good workout. His positive and knowledgeable approach to taking up or continuing martial arts training after 40 is inspiring, reassuring and informative. This book should be read by every adult martial artist regardless of age.

Martial Arts After 40 is available from Kindle | Paperback | Hardcover


1001 Ways To Motivate Yourself & Others

WmyoMotivation is the key to success in life, particularly in the martial arts. Students need motivation to achieve their goals. Instructors need motivation to give their best to every class. And more importantly, every instructor must understand the keys to motivating their students to stay focused and enthusiastic in their daily workouts. 1,001 Ways to Motivate Yourself and Others is divided into two types of motivation: the inspiration section, with 100’s of motivational sayings to inspire you and the application section, with 100’s of specific things you can do to get motivated or motivate others. Also includes the theory of motivation and the difference between good and bad methods of motivating others.

Buy 1001 Ways To Motivate Yourself & Others at Kindle | Paperback


The Art of Harmony

ahrIn The Art of Harmony, Sang H. Kim blends the wisdom of east and west to you make sense of the chaos and discord of everyday life. While we all naturally seek harmony, happiness, freedom and fulfillment, they are often elusive, even in the best of times. In this expanded second edition of this popular book, author Sang H. Kim shares insightful anecdotes and explanations building on the original verses from the first edition, shedding light on the roots of harmony and happiness.

Readers have called The Art of Harmony enlightening, fulfilling and heart opening. It is a book that you will come back to again and again, seeking the clarity and simplicity of its approach to living in harmony with yourself and your surroundings.

The Art of Harmony is available from Kindle


Vital Point Strikes

VPSVital Point Strikes is a guide to pressure point striking for the average martial artist. Sang H. Kim demystifies the lore of vital point striking and shows you realistic applications of vital point strikes for self-defense and combat sports. For those new to the concept of vital points, he begins by examining the Eastern theory of acupoints, meridians and ki (qi) and the Western scientific concepts of the nervous and circulatory systems, pain threshold and pain tolerance, and the relationship between pain and fear.

This synthesis of accepted Eastern and Western theories helps the reader understand what makes vital point striking work and why it can be not only useful in fighting, but deadly. Based on this introduction, you’ll learn about 202 vital points for use in fighting including the name, point number, location, involved nerves and blood vessels, applicable techniques, sample applications, and potential results for each point.

The points are illustrated in detail on an anatomically correct human model, with English, Chinese, and Korean names as well as point numbers for easy reference. In addition to identifying the vital points, Sang H. Kim gives you detailed information about the type of techniques that work for vital point striking including a discussion of fighting zones and ranges, plexus strikes, stance and footwork, bodily weapons, striking directions and angles and dozens of applications for common empty hand, grappling, groundfighting, knife and gun attacks.

Based on over thirty years experience in the martial arts and in-depth research, Sang H. Kim has created one of the most complete books available on the art and science of vital point striking.

Vital Point Strikes is available from Kindle | Paperback | Hardcover


Ultimate Fitness Through Martial Arts

UFMUltimate Fitness through Martial Arts is a one-stop reference for martial arts students, instructors and coaches that includes over 200 new and traditional martial arts exercises, games and drills for developing speed, power, flexibility, timing, coordination, agility, balance, and mental strength. Save hours of workout time by doing only the exercises that produce maximum results. Learn to plan your personal workout and track your progress in every area.

• Variations for individuals, partners and groups
• Detailed explanations of fitness concepts
• Injury prevention
• Diet and nutrition
• Beginner, intermediate and black belt workout plans
• Exercise cautions
• Martial arts applications for all exercises
• Instructor guidelines
• Organized for easy reference
• over 200 photos

Buy Ultimate Fitness Through Martial Arts at Kindle | Paperback


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