100 Day Living Meditation: Part 2 My Experience of Harmony

Part 2: Harmony

This is the 2nd part of three part series of my experience of living meditation for 100 days. Read Part 1 and Part 3.

100 Day Meditation: My Experience Part 2 Harmony

Harmony is a means to reach the third stage, passing through. Harmony is what makes all thoughts free of conflict. Every thought has its unique value and place and fair share of treatment. No one thought is greater than the other, nobody steps on each other’s feet, no yelling. Because I am aware of them, I juggle my attention to heed their needs. I may not know what all of the things that rise in my mind are about, but when I pause and meditate, a neutral buffering space is created. In this new space, the I, the sitting self, plays the role of umpire who evaluates, without taking sides, what the players are up to. On the other hand, the I, the playing self, the actor of the thoughts, can have unbiased attention in a neutral environment. The sitting self remains as a mere observer, embracing the playing self as it is. Photo: Sang H. Kim in 100 Day Meditation Session.


During my 100 day living meditation, my daily practice routines included:

Morning session
4:00-4:30 MBX-12 practice
4:30-5:00 Tea making and drinking
5:00-5:50 Sitting meditation on a daily riddle
5:50-6:00 Walking meditation with a break
6:00-6:50 Sitting Meditation
6:50-7:00 MBX-12 practice
7:00-7:50 Sitting Meditation
7:50-8:00 Chanting

Evening session
4:00-4:15 Lying meditation
4:15-4:30 MBX-12 practice
4:30-5:15 Water meditation (will be posted in the future)
5:15-6:00 Sitting meditation
6:00-6:30 Walking meditation and a break
6:30-6:45 Sound meditation (will be posted in the future)
6:45-7:00 Chanting
7:00-7:30 Living meditation
7:30-8:00 Sitting meditation

My daily meditation began with practicing a series of 5-minute mindful movement (MBX-12). In this practice, first I place my feet shoulder width apart and gently plant them on the ground, with the feel of planting both feet deeply under the sand in beach. I also sink my shoulders so that my head stands out in full attention and the weight of my upper body relaxes, keeping me centered and vigilant.

Taking a deep breath and raising my arms to the side toward the top of my head, the sensations from the fingertips run down through the arms toward the joints of the shoulders. This first movement lightens the weight on my shoulders, filling my heart and lungs with a combined sense of fullness and emptiness. Then I have a new sensation of moving energy surging from the ground, through the bottom of my feet, that travels through my  knees and belly and chest, and expands, until my arms slowly fall like feathers, spreading across my body. Because this exercise stimulates nerves and increase circulation and release the tensions in the joints, I feel relaxed and invigorated after 3 repetitions of the routine.

Morning tea making is another ceremony that I enjoy. When the aroma of green tea stimulates my sense of smell and the warm liquid flows down the throat, I feel the connection between the earth and heaven, through my body. The warmth of the tea coupled with the effect of exercise opens my sweat glands. I feel gentle waves of my inner energy flowing through my 12 meridians linking the webs of the organs. Unlocking my awe to this connection!

Throughout, I am mindful of my five senses: I close my eyes so that I can see what I don’t see, with undistracted sight in my solitude; I turn my ears inward, to the sounds within, the rhythmic beats of the organs and the in-between silence, then extend outward to the sound of the wind and birds; I take a deep breath in, discerning the smell of the sea salt and rain; I taste the tea that spreads through my veins, arousing my senses, relaxing my guard; my thumbs gently touch the tips of my indices, connecting.

Connected, things flow free of conflicts: Not a thing is greater than another, all things have equal value in the process. Disconnected, things collide. Everything fights for place, crowding the passage. 

Who is the connector?

The one who pauses, the one who sits and meditates, the one who watches the playing mind, is the one who connects. It’s the sitting I that observes the playing I, embracing all that he is with silence.

Meeting with this silent self is the only way to find true answers. In that void, solitude expands and shrinks and becomes the heart of the third self. Silently. Powerfully.

Read Part 3.



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