15 Strategies to Manage ADHD

15 Strategies to Manage ADHD

The ADHD brain is atypically wired. We tend to inhibit inspirational urges less and go along with them, however far they might take us. We know how to dream, dare to explore and seek totally new realms, how to happily get lost, stumbling upon unexpected discoveries when lucky.

We have perhaps evolved differently from those who have brains wired typically. Our senses react to almost everything we encounter, like having many super-sensitive antennae in our brain. But this can take a toll, unless we learn how to step on the brakes at the right time, and listen to what the thinking brain says.

We are also overly sensitive to signals from outside and inside, and have difficulties in discerning the real importance of those signals. So we try to do everything at once, ending the day overwhelmed, frustrated, and most of time, behind schedule, if we even have one.

15 Strategies to Manage ADHD

We are attracted and distracted by almost everything that enters our senses. Like drops of red yellow green ink falling into crystal clear water, spreading, those sensory inputs dye our attention and rule the body, hijacking our attention.

In the absence of our attention, we feel stuck in a place with no signposts. We have to act to get our attention back.

Taking Action

The diagram above illustrates the 3 different types of actions we face millions of times a day as a person with ADHD: Distraction, Inaction, Attraction.

Distraction is something that deranges our concentration, via disturbing or amusing stimuli, in more negative than positive ways; Inaction is the inability to take action or the resistance to change; and Attraction is something that draws attention toward perceived idealism.

They all share a common word: ACTION.

Etymologically, distraction means pulling apart your attention and drawing it away from your mind, causing mental disturbance; inaction is avoidance; and attraction means drawing your attention back to the mind.

In all cases, your reaction to the presence or absence of stimuli determines which way you will go.

Which Way To Go

INACTION is the killer. When you feel paralyzed and find yourself avoiding what you should do, take action in either direction. Don’t fear a detour via Distraction toward Attraction.

DISTRACTION is not always bad. Following distractions, you can in fact trace the roots of what your true characteristics, or talents, are. When you meet this true you, that’s when you often stumble upon brilliant moments. So keep the door open for exploring your true self through occasional distraction states.

ATTRACTION is a signpost to your goal.

Being aware of the relationships of these 3 forms of action can help you keep your perspective while pulling yourself out of INACTION and shifting your attention toward where you want to go.

Here are 55 action steps that I found effective to shift from distraction to attraction:

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