Two Brains, One Mind, & Many Paths to Happiness

Two Brains, One Mind, & Many Paths to Happiness

Our brain has two sides: left and right. The left brain tends to be the thinking one; the right, the intuitive.

If you are a left brain dominant person, you may tend to make sense of things through analyzing, structuring, and sequencing in a goal-oriented fashion. The right brain dominant person, on the other hand, tends to perceive the world through intuition.

brain hemisphere peace

We all have both tendencies but in different ranges, experiencing life in different ways.

brain face x350

For the left brain dominant person, arriving the destination by the most logically sound path would be a success. For the right brain dominant person, feeling experiences along the journey may be more meaningful. For the thinking oriented person, it may be hard to comprehend what the intuitive person feels, or vice versa.

Within ourselves, we often murmur, “What the hell was I thinking, losing my temper at such a trivial matter?” or “Why in the world should I have to feel angry for getting a B on my final?”

We don’t completely understand what the two sides of our brain do to each other. Oddly enough, they compete for supremacy. The thinking brain constantly conflicts against the feeling brain, although they reside in one mind.

To keep them happy, it is best to work according to their nature. Global peace starts with domestic harmony.

To find peace, first know your dominant side: left or right. Otherwise, the two sides will fight. You will end up unhappy. Once you take a seat on either side, you won’t expect yourself to do things in conflicting ways. You will follow what your dominant brain chooses and quiet the arguments of the opposing side. This way, you are not only at peace but you become more effective in achieving your goals. Happily.


If you are a right brain person, working in left brain style is counterintuitive. “Feeling right” is the key for the right brain person.

Similarly, it’s unproductive and unhappy for a left brain person to work in intuitive ways. “Logically correct” is the key for the left brain person.

Both reach their destinations on their own terms. Once you understand this, there are many paths to being happy and productive.

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