5 Step Mindful Meditation: Part 2

5 Step Mindful Meditation: Part 2

This is the second part of a 4-part series on mindful meditation.  Read Part 1Part 3Part 4 

1. Observing

meditation for MBX-12

The key in meditation is to check what arises in your mind with “What’s this!” then move on.

When I meditate, I keep myself casual. Initially. Nothing particular in mind. I relax my attention. Just like watching waves rushing in and retreating from the shore. As this watching continues for a few minutes, my attention gradually finds its way to a certain element or force or energy.

This is when I draw an imaginary circle in my mind. This, I found, depends on the status the mind in the moment. The size, color, shape of the circle often are different. I pay no special attention to forms. Just being aware of everything. Not ignoring is the key!

Then, I make an entering gate at the top of the circle and an exit at the bottom. I just sit with my legs crossed and watch the gate. Soon many thoughts try to enter from all different directions but I intentionally guide one thought at a time to enter the gate. I am in no hurry. Taking time, watching the thought enter, wandering in the circle. When I see it exit, I allow the next guest to enter and repeat the practice.

I am often tempted to look somewhere else, finding many thoughts about my mind, seeing who’s entering. Thoughts feelings worries ideas foods friends work regrets weddings letters blogs rain shoestring guitar birds…I see hear smell taste…

All look special. Everything appears to need my particular attention. Overwhelming!

Coming soon: Part 3, Recognizing, Being Aware of, Taking Hold of, and Letting go of the Mind

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