Serenade in Serenity

People asked me why in the movie Zen Man the main character is fishing with no hook. The answer is that Mr. Han, a  lone wounded middle-aged calligraphy master, has no goal of catching fish. Rather he meditates, immersing himself in the fish, pond, trees, and nature.

He goes fishing when he is stressed. Sitting at the edge of a beautiful pond surrounded with tall pine trees and morning fog, he tries to empty his regrets and sorrows of having lost his family not long ago. Sensing another catastrophic event approaching, he is asking mother nature for an answer.

Catching fish doesn’t seem to be his goal. He has no hook attached to the fishing line. When he has no line, he simply dips the tip of the rod in the water and plays with fish.

zenman4 x640

Until the sun goes down and swans glide to their nest for the night, he stays there with his feet deeply rooted at the edge of the water, watching inwardly with his eyes closed.

In darkness,stars watch over him. The slowly drifting end of the fishing line cautiously stirs the surface of the pond, not to wake up the fish.

Fishing for him is a serenade in serenity.

After fishing, he no longer strives. He no longer worries. The solace he found is unstirred.

His contented silence says it all.

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