Living Meditation

living desert waterx700

It was 29 years ago that I left my home in Korea. Alone. I was 26 and fresh and ambitious. Full of good spirit in my heart, heading to the west. Dreaming.

Traveling across the continents taught me how to experience what life offers. Hoping.

Of many a place and people encountered, I learned much. Absorbing. The Shakespearian truth of harshness of life for humans. And truly that new things under the sun are hard to come by. Searching.

Wherever I go, there is no place where no people suffer. Enduring. Like desert grass.


However, life unfolds equally. Poor or rich. Demanding.

In meditation, sufferings are alleviated and suppressed. So we cling to it, like medication. No cure in sight in, clinging.

Living, our nature, is of one, to be the way. Unsuppressing.

Recently, luckily, I happened to be in a meditation session, lively, profoundly caring, deeply searching, so deep and far in the self that one can cry without crying.

Like rain in the desert that I have been longing for.

Dropping. Drying.

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