Express Yourself

Bruce Lee once said that the ultimate form of art is to honestly express yourself. “But to express oneself honestly, not lying to oneself, that is very hard to do.”

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The ultimate form of self-expression is possible through being yourself. Without self-expression, your actions are limited by what is not you.

Our reality, in fact, is full of hindrances that make it hard to be yourself. There are rules, customs, opinions that limit your choices until you think and behave according to their limitations. Obedience is a virtue. Who you are, how you are, and what you are made of doesn’t matter.

You become the product of hindrance, if you allow this to be so.

Be mindful of what is not you. To express yourself, to experience pure self-expression, you need to break through the barriers that mold you and see yourself from fresh ground.

You are an art form that is expressed with no need of filtration.

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